The Steampunk guitar effects of SviSound

Le January 27th, 2014 par Joris K. | Effets

Mark Svirkov is a Russian engineer specialized in electronics who creates musicians gear since 1977. In 1979, he started to make his first effects, that he sells from now under the name of SviSound.

The brand has series but also custom models orders in Steampunk, Grunge and Metal designs that are in perfect harmony with their vintage tones. With the four workers who assist him, they use components such as ex-USSR Germanium transistors that they hand-assemble.

Mark announced to me that he will not only make effects but also a fine range of vintage guitar cables. The effects are already available at a price range running from $120 to $250, according to the series.


A brocade on the Frank Hartung’s Black Rose guitar

Le January 7th, 2014 par Joris K. | Guit... art | Guitares électriques | Lutheries

The luthier Frank Hartung just announced on his Facebook page the launch of “Black Rose”, an electric guitar limited to 25 models. When I saw this guitar, I immediately asked for several pictures and information to Frank to write this post. The shape is based on the Junico guitar, which has a Mahogany body and neck, but with a table embellished with a black, gold and silver brocade (a rich fabric woven with a raised design). Other changes, the Rosewood fretboard is here in Ebony, and we will hear the sound of two Häussel Humbuckers under the chrome covers instead of the P90 pickups. The pickguard also disappeared, so the lucky 25 owners will be able to admire completely these finishes.


Crusty sounds and slides by Crushsound

Le October 31st, 2013 par Joris K. | Effets

In its new advertising, the Polish brand Crushsound is giving us the Blues by presenting its new products for 2014. The Farmer’s Mill effect is now improved to damage, crush, and burn even more the tones going out of your amp. Moreover, they now offer with that a series of new seven ceramic slides. Handmade, each piece brings a specific sound you can listen on their website. The Farmer’s Mill pedal exists in orange and in white colors and costs 99€, and the amazing ceramic slides are available for 12,99€ each.


A unique edition of the Orange Crush 20LDX

Le October 25th, 2013 par Joris K. | Amps

Orange Amplification joins the “Breast Cancer Campaign” for a limited edition of its Crush 20LDX… In pink color! The bids begin on Friday, October 25th on eBay and are going to last 7 days, this will give a lot of time for the bidders who want to try to own this unique amp. Cliff Cooper, the founder and CEO of Orange Amps, announced that his brand wants to support the fight against this disease and wants to raise funds for this useful organization. The bidders will thus participate in a good cause because all the raised funds by this sale will be given to the “Breast Cancer Research” organization. Click here to see the bid.


The Suhr Corso, a powerful Low Watt amp

Le October 9th, 2013 par Joris K. | Amps

The Californian brand of John Suhr and Steve Smith just announced that its quite new amp, Suhr Corso, is now shipping. This small and wonderful 5 Watts amp is perfect for any recording studio application thanks to its compact size and its Line Out, but it also has its place in a bedroom for practice sessions. In spite of its unique channel and these few control knobs, this tube amp a lot of sounds thanks to 5 switches allowing the boost of the desired frequencies. The hardest will be to choose between a “Confessional” and a “Esher” grill, because these black metallic plates are really beautiful. Discover it right now in the following post with pictures, video, and sounds. Price: $999.