Belliot Guitars : a talent in Talange

Le March 24th, 2011 par Joris K. | Lutheries

Musician since he is 4, Romain Belliot tried few musical instruments before finding the one he really wanted to play: the bass guitar. In 2005, after some specialized studies and an experience in stringed-instrument company, he launched his own studio: Belliot Guitare. Located in Talange (Moselle, France), he repairs, customizes, and makes very beautiful guitars. You can discover two examples from his creations in the following post, with the Sniper and the Crescendo. From a big imagination and an excellent know-how, we can see that the wood is advanced here, bringing a raw and a massive aspect to these wonderful 6 strings. Other models can be discovered on his official website or in his Flickr gallery.

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