The Steampunk guitar effects of SviSound

Le January 27th, 2014 par Joris K. | Effets

Mark Svirkov is a Russian engineer specialized in electronics who creates musicians gear since 1977. In 1979, he started to make his first effects, that he sells from now under the name of SviSound.

The brand has series but also custom models orders in Steampunk, Grunge and Metal designs that are in perfect harmony with their vintage tones. With the four workers who assist him, they use components such as ex-USSR Germanium transistors that they hand-assemble.

Mark announced to me that he will not only make effects but also a fine range of vintage guitar cables. The effects are already available at a price range running from $120 to $250, according to the series.


Crusty sounds and slides by Crushsound

Le October 31st, 2013 par Joris K. | Effets

In its new advertising, the Polish brand Crushsound is giving us the Blues by presenting its new products for 2014. The Farmer’s Mill effect is now improved to damage, crush, and burn even more the tones going out of your amp. Moreover, they now offer with that a series of new seven ceramic slides. Handmade, each piece brings a specific sound you can listen on their website. The Farmer’s Mill pedal exists in orange and in white colors and costs 99€, and the amazing ceramic slides are available for 12,99€ each.


Review of the Electro Harmonix Knockout effect

Le July 11th, 2013 par Joris K. | Effets | Reviews

Today, we will discover an interesting effet: the Electro Harmonix Knockout, that I received thanks to the website We will see its utility, its functioning and its efficiency in the following article…


Gperc, the concept that gives rhythm to your riffs

Le May 20th, 2013 par Joris K. | Accessories

With its name coming from “percussive guitar”, Gperc is a concept intended to give rhythm to your compositions. Once integrated on the body of the guitar, this plate looking like a pickguard offers tones reminding exotic percussions such as the Djembe or the Conga drums. The principle is that vibrations are received in a piezoelectric microphone placed below the plate and are amplified without effect. The natural sound will depend on the place where we will hit the Gperc, but also of the guitar resonance. We can see it below adapted on a great Tele from the Tom Launhardt’s lutherie, the TLK – TC 61 model. If you enjoy the project, you can support it on the crowdfunding site Ulule to participate in the production of the very first series, but also in the Research and Development of the next versions. But before, feel free to watch in the following post a demo by the talented Brice Delage.


The Chaosound Anti-Effect destroys your chords

Le March 22nd, 2013 par Joris K. | Effets

Far from the effects we use to see on the market, Chaosound arrived to crush your chords, clean or not. The first model, curiously called Anti-Effect, is a tribute to the Rock’n'Roll we find in legendary songs like “Loaded” from ZZ Top. This brand new Polish brand, bored by tasteless sounds, welcome experimental sounds imitating cut circuits, malfunctioning guitar cables, and even thunder. The result is very interesting but is only for a tiny part of guitarists. That is why Chaosound assures to produce some other original pedals in the future. Handmade, the Anti-Effect is now available for 179€.