Test de Guitar Pro 6

Le April 13th, 2010 par Joris K. | Accessoires | Reviews

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Je vous avais présenté le logiciel Guitar Pro 6 il y a maintenant quelques mois, et bien la nouvelle version de cet éditeur de tablatures est enfin sortie. Je vais essayer de vous présenter rapidement et clairement ses fonctions principales et de vous donner mes impressions dans la suite de l’article.

Wallpusher’s straps, simple and clever

Le February 23rd, 2010 par Joris K. | Sangles

Owner of the brand Wallpusher, Matthew Rogers is above all a guitarist and a bassist fanatic. Having the same adjustment problems with often stiff straps, he decided to create his own models, handmade. Thanks to a pulley system, these unique straps are perfect to change in few seconds the height of your instrument, in stage for example. The leather design is simple but is easy to clean. And like Matthew said : “Sometimes, it is the simplest design that works the best”. Available on Etsy or on the official website between 33 et $40.

First view and informations about Guitar Pro 6

Le February 13th, 2010 par Joris K. | Accessories

The best software Guitar Pro 6 will bring more than 40 improvements that a lot of people dream about. Guitar Pro 5 leave the place for a 6th version with a new nice design, multiple display options and a rebuild ergonomics: the tools are now on the left in 6 tabs (edition, instrument, audio, mastering, chords, and lyrics), the software is more intuitive and the scores are more readable. The style of these lasts is completely configurable, and it is also possible to use more than one in the same time. GP6 got an advanced and rich RSE2 (Realistic Sound Engine), with more than hundred instruments. And for those who worry about compatibility of the formats, the new GPX format will accept MIDI, ASCII, PowerTab, TablEdit, et MusicXML besides gtp, gp3, 4 et 5. The tools of the 5th version are kept and also developed, like the chords generator or the digital tuner. This opus will be launched in April 2010 for Mac, Windows, and also Linux but the price is unknown.

The Jam Kat, a new essential accessory?

Le January 12th, 2010 par Joris K. | Accessories

A frequent problem for many guitarists is the congestion of their pick during a change of technique playing guitar. Pick-Smith created an accessory which prevents this problem: the Jam Kat. The aim of this strange object is to change a play with a pick by a play with fingers – as the picking or the tapping – simply by releasing the plectrum. The spring will allow it not to bother you, and naturally, not to fall. A metallic version of the Jam Kat will be launched, but it is already available in plastic black on Amazon in $19,95. More details at the end of the post, in a video demonstration. And you, will you try it? (via)

3 new effects by LastGasp Art Laboratories

Le January 7th, 2010 par Joris K. | Effets

The Japanese brand LastGasp Art Laboratories just added 3 new pedals to its little collection. The Toxic Plant is a distortion, the Steroid O.D. is an overdrive, and the Sick Pitch King Jr, as for it, bring another kind of saturation, with a “discordant” effect. The saturation of each model is very strong, and give for example a synthesizer sound to your guitar! You can hear few demonstrations on the website to have an idea of what are their different sounds, very specifics. The price of each effect is between 160 and 210 €. (via)