A unique edition of the Orange Crush 20LDX

Le October 25th, 2013 par Joris K. | Amps

Orange Amplification joins the “Breast Cancer Campaign” for a limited edition of its Crush 20LDX… In pink color! The bids begin on Friday, October 25th on eBay and are going to last 7 days, this will give a lot of time for the bidders who want to try to own this unique amp. Cliff Cooper, the founder and CEO of Orange Amps, announced that his brand wants to support the fight against this disease and wants to raise funds for this useful organization. The bidders will thus participate in a good cause because all the raised funds by this sale will be given to the “Breast Cancer Research” organization. Click here to see the bid.


The Suhr Corso, a powerful Low Watt amp

Le October 9th, 2013 par Joris K. | Amps

The Californian brand of John Suhr and Steve Smith just announced that its quite new amp, Suhr Corso, is now shipping. This small and wonderful 5 Watts amp is perfect for any recording studio application thanks to its compact size and its Line Out, but it also has its place in a bedroom for practice sessions. In spite of its unique channel and these few control knobs, this tube amp a lot of sounds thanks to 5 switches allowing the boost of the desired frequencies. The hardest will be to choose between a “Confessional” and a “Esher” grill, because these black metallic plates are really beautiful. Discover it right now in the following post with pictures, video, and sounds. Price: $999.


Orange increases the power of their amps with the Crush Pro series

Le March 28th, 2013 par Joris K. | Amps

When the Orange Amps Crush PiX were unveiled, Sémi from Muzicosphere and me were charmed by the Micro Crush PiX, featured at the Musikmesse fair. This year, the English brand launches the new Crush Pro series, even richer in vitamin C. More powerful than ever, these three on-board models are highlighted, based on the Rockerverb series: the CR60C, a 60 Watt combo with a 1×12″ “Voice Of The World” speaker, the CR120C, available in a 120 Watt combo with one more speaker, and the CR120H head version. Controls are the same for all the three amps and have Volume, Bass and Treble for the Clean channel, and Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble and Gain for the dirty channel. A digital Reverb is also here on both switchable channels. The Crush Pro series should be available in few months at the respective prices of £349, £479, and £299, and the Orange team will demonstrate it at the famous Frankfurt Musikmesse from the 10th to the 13th of April.


Schecter Amplification annonce le Hellwin USA 100 signature Synyster Gates

Le January 22nd, 2013 par Joris K. | Amps

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Après l’annonce de sa première gamme d’amplis, Schecter Amplification enchaîne déjà avec un deuxième stack. Signé par le guitariste soliste d’Avenged Sevenfold Synyster Gates, le Hellwin USA 100 est destiné à devenir un classique du Rock. Alors que le premier modèle s’avérait très orienté Metal, celui-ci s’avère plus polyvalent puisqu’il embarque 3 canaux avec égaliseurs et Gains indépendants. Le bouton “Focus” situé tout à droite va contrôler et amortir les mouvements des enceintes afin de renforcer ou d’assouplir le son selon le réglage choisi. Encore une fois, les prix et disponibilités ne sont pas annoncés mais devraient arriver au cours de ce NAMM 2013.


Schecter présente sa première gamme d’amplis

Le January 17th, 2013 par Joris K. | Amps

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Le célèbre fabriquant Schecter se lance dans l’amplification. Alors que la marque commençait un peu à tourner en rond malgré le renouvellement de ses guitares tous les ans, la sortie de ces amplis est plutôt une bonne surprise…