Framus presents the Supreme Diablo

Le January 13th, 2010 par Joris K. | Electric guitars

It is to the NAMM show of this January that Framus presents its guitars of the year 2010. Among a lot of rebuilt series, we can see 5 new Diablo, with the Diablo Supreme and Diablo Supreme X. Their strat’s forms are nicely rounded, with a Mahogany body and neck for the first one, whereas the second has a Swamp Ash body and a 22 frets maple neck. Both possess Seymour Duncan pickups, and every Framus is perfectly fretted with the Plek technology. The price-list is not still available, but they probably will exceed €1000. (via)

The DBZ Custom Reptile Flame Bolero for Adam Zadel of SOiL

Le December 14th, 2009 par Joris K. | Electric guitars

The brand of Dean B. Zelinsky has sent the new weapon of one of the guitarists of SOiL. Just came out of the Custom Shop, this Reptile Flame Bolero offered to Adam Zadel has very attractive forms, representing a red snake skin covered with silvery flames. We still have no information concerning its characteristics, but they are certainly similar to those of the Bolero Croc Skin. A nice Metal guitar which will make fans of reptiles envious! (via)


Gibson Dusk Tiger, the new generation of high-tech guitars

Le December 4th, 2009 par Joris K. | Electric guitars

Recently announced by Gibson, the Dusk Tiger will be for sell the 7th December in all the world. After the Dark Fire, this guitar will show us the evolution of “robots guitars”. With a strange mix of modern chrome and a classic flamed top, the design is unique but daring. The back of this Les Paul is nevertheless very great, with a wood imitating a tiger skin. The brand said that the Dusk Tiger is perfect in studio and also on stage because of its light weight of 2,5 kg and its high-technology, more advanced and faster. Limited to 1000 sold and sent in a hard-case, this guitar cost $4128.


The PRS SE Singlecut Korina, lighter

Le November 27th, 2009 par Joris K. | Electric guitars

Paul Reed Smith launches its first singlecut electric guitar with a korina body, a wood similar to the mahogany for his sound depiction. Very light, the SE Singlecut Korina possesses simple finishes and is less expensive, it is particularly due to the used woods, but it does not prevent a versatility underlined by the brand. We find a classic configuration with the PRS Designed hardware, and because of the price, we can see that PRS become more and more open to a wide public while keeping its aesthetic usual line. The public price is about $900, but we can easily find this guitar between $500 et $600.


Gibson Les Paul Buckethead Signature

Le November 16th, 2009 par Joris K. | Electric guitars

The strangest Guitar Heroes Buckethead is not an artist that I listen all the time, but there are few nice songs that you have to know and appreciate like Soothsayer, Nottingham Lace or Jordan. One thing that I always liked are his personal guitars, and Gibson launch at last a signature model of his Les Paul Alpine White. We are surprised that the pickups are not two DiMarzio humbuckers, but they are replaced by a 496R (neck) and a 500T (bridge). But it keeps the “Arcade Buttons” killswitchs and a modified electronic that will be enjoyed by Rock, Metal, and Shred lovers. Price: $4311. (via)