Pickslay’s Woodworking: handmade artistic picks

Le August 21st, 2013 par Joris K. | Picks

Surfing on Pinterest, I recently discovered Pickslays Woodworking, a very nice Etsy shop. Creating nice stuffs with wood, Spencer makes and sells beautiful wooden picks. These varied exotic materials allows to have a large choice and you can even start collecting them. The American craftsman can add an artistic touch with an optional custom pyrography design to the plectrums, perfect if you you wish to offer one to a friend. Guitar picks earrings and key chains are also in the shop, and will allow you to always have something to play guitar within reach! Prices start from $5.


Review of the Le Niglo

Le July 18th, 2013 par Joris K. | Médiators | Reviews

One month ago, I presented the last Le Niglo “Natural” series. Having arrived in stock in the official shop and to the various retailers, I received two copies of this quite new series for a new review…


Le Niglo picks are coming in natural materials

Le June 12th, 2013 par Joris K. | Picks

The founder of Le Niglo picks just presented on its blog the new “Natural” series. In this range, plectrums are inspired by the N4 and made in several natural exotic materials: black and marbled horn, two kinds of rosewood, and even in bone available soon. These are shaped with laser cutting machines and hand-finished by a French company having worked with the brand Dugain. The attack part was modified by the craftsman to get closer to the same model in bronze. This kind of plectrums brings interesting tones, with more volume than the first N4. The first copies will arrive in ten days to the retailers, and should be sold 13€ without cord, or 14€ with.


The canned guitar picks

Le May 3rd, 2013 par Joris K. | Picks

It is rare to see original picks packagings. The only one I discovered was in my review of the Bellin pick (in French). But here, I was amazed by Whipping Post which offers 20 picks directly in a sardines can. Ideal product for the surviving guitarists to an apocalyptic end of the world, it will well matches with your pantry stocked in your nuclear shelter. With 1mm thickness, the picks will not be fine for all guitarists, but their resistance is perfect to survive waiting to play with your favorite plectrums. The Canned Guitar Picks are sold 12$ in the official shop of Whipping Post.


Des pièces de monnaie servant de médiator

Le January 12th, 2013 par Joris K. | Picks

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Depuis qu’il est jeune, le guitariste de Queen, Brian May, a pris l’habitude de jouer avec des pièces de monnaie. Plus résistantes que des médiators en plastique, elles offrent des sonorités métalliques bien spécifiques. Mais malgré ces atouts, la prise en main est désastreuse. Dustin et Stéphanie, deux artisans de Nashville (U.S.A.), taillent et perfectionnent des pièces pour leur donner une pointe affinée et une ergonomie adaptée pour jouer de la guitare. Après avoir été poli à la main et biseauté soigneusement, chaque plectre se retrouve dans leur boutique Guitar Pick Collection du site Etsy. Un large choix y est disponible à des prix compris entre 10 à 35$. Le résultat est esthétiquement très réussi, et convient d’après les artisans à tous les types de jeu. Merci à Joffrey pour la découverte !