Growl Guitars, it is like the Yin and Yang symbol of the French art of guitar making. Godefroy Maruejouls from MJS Guitars and Sébastien Gavet* shared their expertise to design a range of thirteen different pickups, in all sizes. They were created and tested in their Lab with a guitar called “Le Mulet” (the mule). This innovation allows both stringed-instrument makers to change quickly the pickups without removing the strings, and they can move them on the length of the scale to try various tones. But their collaboration does not stop there, they also released a first very surprising guitar: the Model One. Sébastien Gavet answered few questions to say more about this partnership.

Why “Growl”?
At first, we looked for a reference to the place we live, so we thought (after quite a lot of proposals) about the Owl, very famous in this South West region of France. And then we added “Gr” to make “Growl”. This also reminded us about the noise of an engine at a high level of output. We thought that this name was perfect for our pickups, because at the beginning we wanted to work together on pickups. The idea of a guitar came later, and the name “Growl” fits as well for the Model One.

How came this partnership avec Godefroy?
We met during a local art market at Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val. We exchanged few words about our knowledges, and one thing to another, an idea to create a range of pickups together was born.

Your respective realizations are very different than the Model 1, how did you get this result?
By exchanging about our respective vision of what is a guitar, but also with something in mind: to create something new we didn’t already make. We are not often in agreement, but after few discussions and papers written, when we agree, we keep the idea.

What is the price range for a Model One?
The single Growl P90 pickup version is listed at 1850€. We have a second model with two pickups at 1980€.

Will you develop the Lab for the customers or will it stay an internal tool for you?
The page ” Lab ” will include all the elements of our two respective studios by trying to explain what we set up to develop our pickups. For the moment, there is on our site only a special guitar (“Le Mulet”). We use it to create and test our pickups before shipping them. This guitar is also available for our customers so that they choose their pickups according to their amp and effects. If somebody arrives in our studios, this person can try it. If we have few requests, we can completely make this kind of guitar, with a custom-made electronics for example for musicians in a recording studio. We are opened to each idea.

Today, Growl Guitars is already searching for new stuffs for their pickups, and still make other Model One with new woods, other finishes, and even other pickups setups, to satisfy their customers. Please follow the news on their Facebook page.

*known on Guitar Wink for his “Tour Bus” guitars