Romain Morlot is Guitar Cook. Like a good Chef, he released in 2014 the first edition of GuitarCookBook, his recipe book for beginners to advanced guitarists. Today, he sets the table again with a Kickstarter campaign for the release of a new version, even more complete.

The first GuitarCookBook

Before presenting the new version, I can already speak to you about the first one GuitarCookBook that I have in front of me. This method has a main aim: make your hand identify what you are doing and where you are on your neck without having to learn every note. That is why Romain realized plans called mind maps which are going to make you associate musical notes with scales and chords. As we go along, he helps us to read these mind maps that can be crazy at first, but that will be easy to understand after reading the first pages.


The cover of the first GuitarCookBook

It is a short book (about fifty pages), but you will guess that it is not the kind of book that we read as a novel. It is the real tool we use with our guitar to analyze the ingredients needed for the preparation of a good musical meal, or we use as a dictionary to remember some structure of a chord, a scale, modes, etc.

In spite of the harmony study and the few weird musical theory words, no need to know the music theory to savor this work. The lazy but greedy musician I am appreciates its both brief and complete side, what allows me not to skip meals.


The spiral book is great to easily work with your guitar

A new book, with more recipes

As you have understood, I was totally charmed by the first GuitarCookBook, so I can tell you that the new version is even more promising: 7 new pages containing more chords (from powerchords to enriched 13th chords), and more than 120 scales going from the pentatonic to Japanese ranges, through oriental or symmetric ones, and everything in all tones. And while the first book informs about chords contained in a scale, the second will also have the inverse approach. You will easily find the scales and the modes you can use with given chords.


Moreover, Romain Morlot has some taste for beautiful guitars. A chance for your eyes because he is going to illustrate his book again with the wonderful Wild Custom Guitars. We already see this on the new cover above.


The first version already contained some pages with pictures of Wild Custom Guitars

In short, go for it!

The first book being out of stock, I highly recommend this new version to every guitarist, from the beginner wishing to learn easily to the professional trying to play and write differently. To discover the details of the project, to watch the video and to pre-order your GuitarCookBook, click this link.