The “Niglo 4″ pick arrive between your fingers!

Le September 20th, 2010 par Joris K. | Picks

Master of the bronze picks, Daniel Patin kept in head the opinions of few owners of the first models: the Niglo 2 and the Niglo 3 (available in our shop), to finally launch a fourth and better version. Still in bronze, this pick has a longer point, but still polished not to damage the strings and to make the guitarist’s easier to play. So the weight is a little bit higher with 11 grams against 9 for the others. Keeping this amazing ergonomic which make the Niglos reputation, the add of stries confirm and increase this. Finally, the last new thing is that the creator’s letters were replaces by the Niglo’s reference. Available in ten days for 15€, the Niglo 4 will be reviewed soon on Guitar Wink.


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