When the Orange Amps Crush PiX were unveiled, Sémi from Muzicosphere and me were charmed by the Micro Crush PiX, featured at the Musikmesse fair. This year, the English brand launches the new Crush Pro series, even richer in vitamin C. More powerful than ever, these three on-board models are highlighted, based on the Rockerverb series: the CR60C, a 60 Watt combo with a 1×12″ “Voice Of The World” speaker, the CR120C, available in a 120 Watt combo with one more speaker, and the CR120H head version. Controls are the same for all the three amps and have Volume, Bass and Treble for the Clean channel, and Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble and Gain for the dirty channel. A digital Reverb is also here on both switchable channels. The Crush Pro series should be available in few months at the respective prices of £349, £479, and £299, and the Orange team will demonstrate it at the famous Frankfurt Musikmesse from the 10th to the 13th of April.