Review of the Le Niglo

Le July 18th, 2013 par Joris K. | Médiators | Reviews

One month ago, I presented the last Le Niglo “Natural” series. Having arrived in stock in the official shop and to the various retailers, I received two copies of this quite new series for a new review…


Review of the Electro Harmonix Knockout effect

Le July 11th, 2013 par Joris K. | Effets | Reviews

Today, we will discover an interesting effet: the Electro Harmonix Knockout, that I received thanks to the website We will see its utility, its functioning and its efficiency in the following article…


The Seymour Duncan necklaces for Rock fashion fans

Le June 26th, 2013 par Joris K. | Gadgets

In the shop of the famous pickups manufacturer Seymour Duncan, we can find guitar accessories such as pickup covers, potentiometers, and even straps. But we can also see single coil pickup necklaces. These original goodies will probably seduce Rock and Metal fashion fans. Whereas the first model is decorated with metal, the other one is more shiny with the gems. These two kinds of necklaces exist in several different colors, and are sold $14,95 each.


The Gperc concept, also for acoustic guitars

Le June 24th, 2013 par Joris K. | Acoustic guitars

Few weeks ago, I wrote a post about the Gperc concept in this post. First adapted on a Tom Launhardt guitar, I thought that this musical concept created by Frédéric Riedel was only intended to be used with electric guitars. My mistake because it has just been adapted on two acoustic guitars: a folk and a classic one. You can listen to the Gperc in the following video, or even try one if you are near the “Espace Broadway” in Paris on 28th of June. And if you enjoy it, you still have few days to participate in the project and preorder one from the crowdfunding site Ulule.


Lecture de “Plans Blues à la guitare”

Le June 14th, 2013 par Joris K. | Livres

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Professeur de guitare chez Guitar Part, Florent Passamonti a récemment sorti un livre nommé Plans Blues à la guitare. Publié par Hit Diffusion, un éditeur spécialisé dans les partitions et méthodes musicales, nous allons découvrir dans la suite de l’article ce qu’il nous réserve…