Strymon surprises us by making really good high-end digital pedals. At the beginning of this week, the brand announced two new (and their first) power supplies. We did not really expect this kind of release, but the Californian still make us dream with a “simple” series of power supplies, while it is not the prettier thing we have in a pedalboard. Stop me I am wrong, but I think we have to deal here with the most beautiful power supplies of the history! The competition had a long way to go with their designs, but here Strymon set the bar really high: the design is very well done thanks to an anodized midnight blue aluminum chassis, to attractive illuminating green LED when your effects are connected, and that is the only visual part of these new products.

Announced as the highest horsepower, most technologically advanced effects pedal power supply of their kinds, Zuma and Ojai offer dual-stage topology, pre-regulated outputs, optically isolated feedback, and advanced multistage filtering, for your effects to finally sound as they should sound.

Zuma get nine 9V high-current and individually isolated outputs, and two of these can also provide 12 and 18V (look how beautiful are the toggle switches). Ojai is half the size with only five 9V outputs, but has the same specs as its big sister. A 24V out jack will allow you to connect few Ojai if you wanted to raise the size of your pedalboard, or connect few pedalboards with only one power cable.

The release of these two wonderful power supplies is planed for Spring 2016, with surprising prices compared to the other Strymon products, because they are in the same range of T-Rex and MXR prices: 149$ for Ojai and 249$ for Zuma.